Promoting a Cross-Party Consensus on Youth Employment

We think it is very important to have some kind of permanent cross-party forum in the UK Parliament on youth unemployment in order to ensure MPs and Lords take the issue more seriously and reach some sort of cross-party consensus on how to tackle it.

One of our initial goals when we launched in 2012 was to campaign for the creation of an All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Youth Employment. We were one of the few organisations calling for an APPG on this issue, and we spent a significant amount of time campaigning for the group and calling for MPs and Lords of all parties to back one.

We are delighted that there is now an APPG on Youth Employment in existence, supported by a secretariat consisting of our partners and friends at Youth Employment UK and providing a real youth voice in Parliament on youth unemployment. This is a vindication of our efforts and a happy conclusion to an ultimately successful campaign.

We are now actively supporting the APPG’s work, as well as looking into other ways to promote cross-party consensus on the issue.