About Us

The Found Generation is a cross-party, youth-led campaign group which aims to tackle Britain’s youth unemployment crisis and prevent the creation of the so-called “lost generation” of young people who are frequently referred to in public debate.

  What we hope to offer

  1. We will advise Members of Parliament (MPs), Member of the House of Lords and the government of the day on a) how to prevent youth unemployment occurring; and b) how to cure it when it does occur. This will be done through running campaigns; releasing reports; and getting our message across in the media. We also hope to prepare a comprehensive “Manifesto for Youth Employment”.
  2. We also intend to use our backgrounds and personal experiences of successfully navigating unemployment to inspire other young people to do the same and to advise them on what they need to do.

What needs to be done

We seek:

  1. Policies to make it easier for businesses, charities and public bodies to create jobs for young people.
  2. An education system which focuses on giving young people the skills, qualifications, careers advice, work experience and networking opportunities to prepare them for the world of work.
  3. A welfare system which gives unemployed young people much more help and support to get into work.
  4. Greater co-ordination across the UK Government of youth employment policy – for example through copying the example of the Scottish Executive and appointing a Minister for Youth Employment in the UK Government.

Why we exist

We feel that there is a need in the public debate on youth unemployment in the UK for an organisation which fits all of the following conditions:

  1. The group must be run by young people who have had personal, first-hand experience of youth unemployment and/or combating youth unemployment, to effectively input into government policy-making and at the same time inspire and effectively represent young people;
  2. The group must campaign for realistic, relevant, practical solutions to youth unemployment;
  3. The group must be unafraid to praise or criticise both governments and oppositions depending on the merits (or otherwise) of a particular policy;
  4. The group must attempt to influence government policy by using reasoned arguments and evidence-based reports rather than by bombarding MPs with letters and e-mails and petitions.

We aim to be the group that fulfils all those conditions.