The Found Generation are now a Supporter of the Fair Education Alliance

FEA logoWe are pleased to report that the Steering Group of the Fair Education Alliance (FEA) has formally approved The Found Generation’s application to join the FEA as an official “Supporter”. This approval was granted in August 2016.

The Fair Education Alliance is comprised of a coalition of Supporters and Members, among which we are now listed. These are all organisations which have joined together to drive action at a local and national level to make education and life chances fair for all young people.

We have joined the FEA as a Supporter because we wished to make a further contribution towards their goal of achieving a fairer and more equal education system. As the FEA point out: “Education in the UK is not fair. Young people from low income communities are much less likely to succeed than their wealthier peers. This impacts negatively on a young person’s ability to achieve the health, happiness and career they aspire to. This also impacts the economy – if the UK raised the educational outcomes for poorer children, GDP would increase by £6bn a year by 2030 and by £56bn a year by 2050.

The Fair Education Alliance is not prepared to accept the status quo and is committed to leading the fight against educational inequality.”

The FEA has set out a set of five “Fair Education Impact Goals” which all Members and Supporters have signed up to work towards achieving by 2022. These encompass five transformational changes which would substantially reduce educational inequality and ensure that more children get a fair chance in education.

  • Narrow the gap in literacy and numeracy at primary school
  • Narrow the gap in GCSE attainment at secondary school
  • Ensure young people develop key strengths, including character, emotional wellbeing and mental health, to support high aspirations
  • Narrow the gap in the proportion of young people in education, employment or training one year after compulsory education
  • Narrow the gap in university graduation, including from the 25 per cent most selective universities.

Although The Found Generation is not solely focused on education, there are some significant overlaps between the FEA’s work and ours. The issue of educational inequality is relevant to our wider purpose of tackling youth unemployment and preventing a “lost generation” of unemployed young people.

Further, one of our main goals is campaigning for politicians to improve the education system, in particular to ensure that young people are better prepared for the workplace and adult life generally. Indeed our Manifesto for Youth Employment from 2015, and subsequent publications, contained a number of recommendations on improving the education system which are relevant to the FEA’s work, including on literacy and numeracy, careers advice, work experience, and development of character and employability skills.

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