A new Government

The Coalition Government run by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, despite its flaws, did a significant amount of good in relation to efforts to tackle youth unemployment – with youth unemployment down by around 200,000 from when they took office in 2010 to when they left office in 2015. Despite this, many structural problems remain – indeed youth unemployment rose to over 1 million before it finally started falling.

We now have a new Conservative majority government in the UK – the first for many years. Only time will tell if this new government proves to be as successful in tackling youth unemployment as its predecessor. However, if it wants the best chance of tackling youth unemployment and preventing a so-called “lost generation”, it will need to implement some or all of the policies called for in our Manifesto for Youth Employment, a document which has been already widely welcomed and supported by organisations such as Youth Employment UK, City & Guilds and others and which we launched to highly positive feedback at the recent Youth Employment Summit in East London. We will soon be making a big push to make the new Government aware of our Manifesto and will be calling for them to take concrete actions as suggested there.

We hope – for the sake of young people – that they will listen.

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