Youth Employment Summit

We are delighted to announce that our Director, Andrew Taggart, will be one of the key speakers at the Youth Employment Summit in London on Wednesday 22 April 2015, organised by the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion and the Association of Employment and Learning Providers.

Andrew will be playing a leading role at the event as a member of the event’s Youth Panel, hearing and assessingĀ a mix of proposals from a variety of organisations ranging from young representatives of several major political parties to groups such as NACUE and the Prince’s Trust. After a brief introduction at the beginning of the event, Andrew and the rest of the Youth Panel will listen carefully to proposals throughout the day and then provide their assessments at the end of the event.

This Youth Panel is a very positive approach and ensures young people will have a real voice at the event – we have consistently promoted the importance of ensuring there is a proper ‘youth voice’ at these events. It is also a fantastic opportunity for The Found Generation and shows how we are becoming an increasingly well-known and respected campaign on the subject of youth unemployment.

This will also serve as a fantastic opportunity for The Found Generation to launch our new Manifesto on Youth Employment, which we have recently published.

We are also delighted that Youth Employment UK (YEUK) will also be playing a large role at the event – we suggested this to the event organisers. YEUK CEO Laura-Jane Rawlings will be chairing the Summit with YEUK Youth Ambassador Jack Welch speaking alongside Andrew on the Youth Panel. We are delighted to have contributed to the organisation of this event and to have secured another opportunity for Youth Employment UK to promote its critically important work.

The Summit website can be found here.

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