Report of the NUS Commission on the Future of Work

We are pleased that the Commission on the Future of Work, set up by the National Union of Students (NUS), published its long-awaited report last week. The Commission comprised 12 commissioners, including representatives of employers, young people, trade unions and experts on youth unemployment, and was chaired by NUS President Toni Pearce.

Unlike some other initiatives in this field, the NUS Commission have taken a much-needed collaborative approach. The Commission took written and oral evidence from a variety of stakeholders as well as inviting various organisations to get involved in determining the initial focus and scope of the Commission’s work.

We have actively contributed to the work of the NUS Commission, including:

  • attending and contributing to the NUS Students and Work Summit in March 2014 where the Commission was announced and developed;
  • meeting with NUS to explain some of the ideas promoted by The Found Generation and to provide detailed suggestions as to the Commission’s scope and focus before it launched its call for evidence;
  • providing written evidence to the Commission in 2014 along with over 40 other organisations, based in part on a workshop which we ran at the Oxford Education Conference.

Having reviewed the report, we are impressed with the way it has been written and we are pleased that there are references to key areas we identified such as enterprise education and local youth employment partnerships. The report also contains a very informative and helpful ‘Appendix A’ which collates most of the recommendations made to the Commission, whether or not they are specifically recommended in the main body of the report. There are a couple of areas missing, including our proposals on procurement and the Youth Friendly Badge, but a number of our proposals are clearly outlined in that section.

The report can be found here.

p.s. in other news, look out for our upcoming Manifesto on Youth Employment – to be released soon!

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