YEUK partners with Government-backed careers website Plotr

We are delighted to report that Youth Employment UK have joined forces with Plotr, a not-for-profit organisation which is home to an interactive and intuitive online careers resource for young people. Plotr is supported by the Cabinet Office and has the support of many UK employers. Its purpose is to ensure that young people have access to improved careers information and inspiration, and to that end the Plotr team have created a game based website that young people can play to begin to explore different careers ideas and pathways.

Plotr’s website has recently been relaunched and they have been moving a new strategic and organisational direction which has led to this partnership.

The partnership means that the two organisations will divide their responsibilities, with Plotr focusing on careers education and information (including a prominent role in YEUK’s e-magazine), and with Youth Employment UK focusing on campaigning and lobbying and connecting Plotr to young people.

YEUK’s CEO, Laura-Jane Rawlings, is also taking up a part-time role with Plotr to lead their schools and careers education strategy and is now a member of their Advisory Council.

This is fantastic news for YEUK which gives the organisation a considerable boost in support and influence as well as guaranteeing its sustainability for the immediate future. More information on the partnership can be found here.

This announcement comes on top of additional recent good news for YEUK, with Corby Borough Council becoming the first Youth Friendly Borough Council in Britain.


p.s. As a result of this new partnership, YEUK’s upcoming Youth Friendly Awards ceremony and Showcase is now a joint event with Plotr. Skills Minister Nick Boles MP is also due to speak. Sign up now!

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