Evidence to the NUS Commission on the Future of Work

We have submitted written evidence to the National Union of Students (NUS) Commission on the Future of Work, which aims to address the employment challenges faced by students and study-leavers and to call for a #NewDealforWork for young people.

Our evidence to the Commission was partly based on our previous research and included some of the points we raised in our submission to the British Youth Council’s Youth Select Committee in 2013. We also undertook a focus group at the Oxford Education Conference on 10 May 2014, where we spoke to a number of students at the University of Oxford about the questions that the Commission raised.

As with the Youth Select Committee submission, we decided to focus on several of the many questions asked by the Commission, partly due to constraints on time and resources, and partly to ensure we focused our efforts most effectively on the questions we felt able to provide the best contributions to.

Our written evidence can be found on the Our Publications section of our website.

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