The International Youth Job Creation Summit

I attended the first ever International Youth Job Creation Summit on Friday 13th September on behalf of The Found Generation. The event brought together young people, politicians and many individuals and organisations involved in tackling youth unemployment.

The summit, held at the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, discussed ways that youth unemployment could be tackled, both in the UK and internationally. It was a long but interesting day. What was surprising, but pleasing, was how much the Summit and those participating in it focused on the importance of enterprise education and life skills in schools. Considering the evidence we submitted on life skills and enterprise education to the Youth Select Committee in May and June, this focus was very welcome.

It was particularly pleasing to hear from Melody Hossaini, a social entrepreneur and former star of the BBC’s “The Apprentice” show, about the Social Enterprise Revolution campaign she has set up which aims to ensure that schools and colleges teach young people about enterprise – and particularly social enterprise – in their curriculum. This is a wonderful initiative, especially as we called for enterprise education in schools to include teaching young people about social enterprise in our Youth Select Committee evidence.

Let’s hope the Summit leads to some real action on youth unemployment, both in the UK and abroad!

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