Friday 28 June – Youth Select Committee evidence hearing

I am very pleased to report that The Found Generation have been invited to give oral evidence to the Youth Select Committee in a committee hearing in Parliament with regard to their inquiry on life skills in the education system, following on from the written evidence which we sent them a few weeks ago. It is a real privilege to be invited to give evidence to what is essentially a Parliamentary Select Committee (with only a few minor changes) – and it shows just how far The Found Generation has come since it was set up last year.

I will be attending the hearing at 1:45pm on Friday 28th June, as the representative of The Found Generation. I will be part of a panel of young people during the third session of the day (out of four sessions), and our panel will be covering the views and experiences of young people on the place of life skills in the education system. The other young people on the panel with me will be representing the Prince’s Trust, Kirklees Youth Council and Newcastle Upon Tyne Youth Council.

In the hearing I will be representing the views of TFG volunteers and other young people who contributed to our evidence with regard to life skills which are relevant to tackling youth unemployment, and answering questions from members of the Committee.

You can sign up for tickets to attend the witness evidence hearing and sit in the public gallery of the committee room here. Alternatively, if you wish to do so, you should be able to watch the hearing live on Parliament TV or on the BBC.

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