Launch of The Found Generation

Hello everyone,

Today we launch The Found Generation – a campaign group run by young people which aims to tackle Britain’s unprecedented youth unemployment problem and prevent the creation of the so-called “lost generation” of young people sometimes used in public debate.

It is clear that with so many young people out of work that we need to make serious reforms in policy areas like job creation; education and welfare reform. The current Coalition Government is making good progress on these fronts. However, it needs to do much more; it needs to act much more quickly; and it also needs to scrap some measures which are likely to be counter-productive.

We won’t be a cheerleader for the government, but nor will we be an unrealistic campaign group who argue that the government should just borrow huge amounts of money and increase its level of debt to tackle youth unemployment – that would only make matters worse. We will be independent and consider each policy on its merits, and won’t be afraid to either tell the government when they are doing things right or when they are doing things wrong. We will also be calling for politicians to focus much more closely on youth unemployment and take it more seriously by creating an All-Party Parliamentary Group on Youth Employment, as well as a Minister for Youth Employment like they have in Scotland.

If you want to tackle youth unemployment, there’s no other show in town – join us and let’s get young people into work now. Help us find the ‘lost generation’.


The Found Generation committee

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